Snowcat (Hagglund BV206)


Crew:                    1 driver 16                              Passengers
Speed:                   52 kph max
Weight:                  6.47 tonnes
Height:                   2.4m 
Width:                    1.67m
Length:                   6.9m  
Engine size:            2.8 litre V6

The Hagglund, otherwise more affectionately known as the “Snowcat”, was brought into service in June 1986. It’s is powered by Ford V6 petrol engine driving through 4 speed automatic transmission with 2 speed transfer box and has been designed to be versatile. With power being delivered to all four of the wide tracks, these remarkable vehicles generate incredible traction whilst exerting a ground pressure less than half of a man’s foot, the Bv206 can negotiate such obstacles as powder snow, sand dunes and marshlands and rivers. It can climb 60 degree inclines and swim without preparation. It can carry a variety of containers, shelters or up to 17 people, or be used as an ambulance or fire-fighting vehicle. The BV206 is ideally suited to work in arctic cold or tropical heat. The front and rear units are connected by a unique hydraulic steering linkage, which gives you the flexibility in all axles and extremely good manoeuvrability. Without the back unit, the front will not be able to move direction. Driving is simplicity itself and requires minimum driver training. The BV206 was designed for use with armed forces around the world and is capable of being air-dropped and transported by a variety of aircraft.