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CVRT Sabre

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CVRT Sabre

Fitted with a 30mm rarden canon 1995 to 2004 Jaguar 4.2 litre petrol engine top speed plus 60 mph and road legal.
Length 4.8m width 2.2m height 2.2m weight 8.1 tons
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Star 660

Polish designed and made 60’s command vehicle with some original internal units in the rear.   Road legal possible.  1965-1983.  Has been in storage for most of its life and in very good condition.  Easily mistaken for a per and ww2 type vehicle.  Petrol straight 6 6 litre engine

Length 10m width 2.4m and height 3.2m  weight 8 tons

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Foden GS Cargo Lorry

8 x 4 ex troop carrier now converted to beaver tail flat bed truck.  Eagle 220 bhp non turbo engine.  Runs and can be MOT’d for road work…total weight empty 12 tons. Fitted with an 8 ton winch.
Length 12m width 2.5m height 3m 12 tons 

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MTLB Strela 10 Russian Personnel Carrier

3 crew plus 8 passengers designed to pull heavy guns fully amphibious. Steel tracks. Ours was captured in Iraq as was used as an anti aircraft launcher it no longer has the SA13 goopher missiles on it. V8 14.9 litre diesel.
Length  6.7m width 2.85m Height 2..5 m 12.5 Tonnes
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Zil 131 6x 6 Crane Truck.

Built in 1973. In production 1966 to 1991.  Around a million vehicles produced and used around the world. 6.0 litre v8 petrol
Length 7m width 2.5m Height 2.6 m 7 Tonnes
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BTR 60 PB Armoured Personnel Carrier

Equipped with Turret and 14.5 KPVT  cannon and 7.6mm pkt machine gun.  Russian still used around the world. First produced 1960. 3 crew and 14 passengers  Not road registered. 8 wheel drive diesel
Length 7.5m width 2.825m Height 2.4 m 10.5 Tonnes
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Kraz 255b

6 x 6 troop carrier / cargo Truck wheeled Road Legal, 1959 Counry of origin Russian. Still used in all Soviet friendly countries around the world .  V8 14.9 litre diesel
Length 8.7m width 2.75m Height 3.2m. 12 Tonnes
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UAZ Army Car

Uaz army car manufactured 1970 runs and drives but isn’t road legal

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Gas 69

Gas 69. Manufactured 1969 runs and drives but isn’t road legal

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Polaris and Talos

1 x Polaris TRZ4 (ex special forces)

All 4 seater petrol with weapon mounts.

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