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World War One (WW1) Mark 4 Full Size Model Tank


Mark IV – Male

Crew:                     8
Speed:                    6 kph max
Weight:                   28 tons
Height:                    2.46m (8’2″)
Width:                     4.11m (13’9″)
Length:                   8.05m (26’5″)
Engine power:          


Main gun:                n.2 gun 57 mm
Machine Gun:          n.4 7.7mm

This fantastically engineered tank was designed for Kenneth Brannagh and Stephen Fry’s adaptation of Mozart’s the Magic Flute movie. Due to the fact the filming was carried out in a studio this world war one (WW1) mark 4 tank could not weigh more than a few tons (the weight of a car.) and was originally run with electric motors...

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Land Rover 90 SWB Defender


Weight:                  1.00 ton
Height:                   2.1m 
Width:                    1.65m
Length:                   3.9m  
Engine size:            2.5 litre Diesel
Weapons:               British Army GPMG

A British Army Land Rover defender 90 SWB with 2.5 diesel engine. This Military Army Land Rover 90 Defender has a removable canvas cover with wolf roll cage. The Army Land Rover is an extremely versatile Military vehicle that has a proven track record for excellent performance around the world. Used by the Army  around the globe as it is reliable in all conditions from Sand to Snow Our vehicle can quickly and easily be adapted to look very different should you be looking for a certain type of Land Rover to hire or rent for TV, film work or promotional work...

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