Alvis Spartan

alvis spartan tank


Crew:                       3 + 4 Passengers
Speed:                     80.5 kph max
Weight:                    8.2 tonnes
Height:                     2.24m (7'4")
Width:                      2.26m (7'5")
Length:                     5.13m (16'10")
Engine power:           190hp 


Machine Gun7.62mm
2x4 smoke grenade dischargers

The Alvis Spartan CVRT is a tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier that can carry up to seven people including the driver and a vehicle commander. CVRT means command vehicle reconnaissance and the T means it’s a track vehicle. This particular Carrier has Steel Tracks with integrated rubber pads so can be driven on the roads, as it is completely road legal. The Spartan has a Jaguar 4.2 litre engine. There are three vehicles all based on the same chassis but with different bodies the Alvis Scorpion which comes with 76 mm gun turret and the alvis striker which looks the same as the Spartan expect the rear of the vehicle raised to fire 10 swingfire missles.Top speed 55 mph, 60 % climb and 7 gears forward and back.